SEKE was founded in Thessaloniki in 1996, a total new company as LTD. Since 1996, SEKE has been dealing with installation of equipments in animal farms. Dynamically came in the sector of waste management in 2000. All these years, SEKE created a large clientele by offering services of high quality with famous products in competitive prices. Depending on farmer’s requirements each time, we can offer appropriate solutions combining the lower cost.

Since 2015, SEKE LTD changed in SEKE LYKOU SA and moved to a new modern fully owned facility which located in Industrial Area of Oreokastro, in Thesssaloniki.

At nowadays, due to the demand and the trustfulness of the clients, SEKE-LYKOU SA is offering products for the agriculture sector of the most well-known companies, as well, by developing on this sector rapidly day by day. The next step of the company is to create a specialized division for the industrial sector, too.

Furthermore, SEKE-LYKOU SA, has established a quality management system in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 International Standard and thus our company is obliged to be in accordance with the needed requirements.